First Semester Recovery Program



Please know that you are not alone in experiencing first-semester difficulties. Many college students struggle during their first semester because college is so different from high school. There are many reasons for first-semester problems, including personal, financial, health, family, etc.  By working with our office and their advisers, many students who choose to participate in the First-Semester Recovery program can regain their footing and create a successful academic career at Buffalo State.


There are several components to the First-Semester Recovery program. You must:


1. Opt-in to the program by submitting the First-Semester Recovery Program Application (including your personal statement) by the deadline specified on the form.  You may submit your application by regular mail (address below) or you can scan and e-mail the application to


  School of Natural and Social Sciences Dean’s Office, CLAS A113
  Buffalo State College
  1300 Elmwood Avenue
  Buffalo, NY 14222


2. Consult by phone and/or e-mail with our office about possible action steps needed to help you recover.  Your program will be specifically tailored in consultation with your probationary adviser.  Our phone number is 716-878-6434.


Possible Action Steps


3. Participate in the Blackboard First-Semester Recovery Success online workshop.  This workshop is composed of several modules that have been shown to help college students become more successful academically. 
Link to Blackboard First-Semester Recovery Success online workshop



Choosing NOT To Participate in the First-Semester Recovery Program

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