Pre-Med and Pre-Health Advisement

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Health professions schools require a strong undergraduate preparation in the sciences. Buffalo State offers all the courses (biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics) required for admission to medical, dental, osteopathic, veterinary, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic, and other health professions schools.

Individual schools have their own requirements, and Buffalo State offers a course of study that should meet the requirements of any health professions school. The entrance examinations for medical, dental, and other health professions schools test for mastery of material from these courses.

Your Pre-Health Advisement

It is very important that students who are interested in the health professions contact the pre-health adviser as soon as possible (freshman or sophomore year) to begin the advisement process and to plan the application process. The pre-health professions adviser and the Pre-Health Advisory Committee assist students who are interested in entering one of the health professions by providing advice about the application process and preparing supporting materials for students' applications.

Need More Information?

See our frequently asked questions, resources, or student handbook for the health professions.

Interested in pre-med/pre-health studies at Buffalo State?

Please contact Kelly Boos in the School of Natural and Social Sciences Dean's Office, Classroom Building A113 at (716) 878-6434.

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